Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Statechart diagram generation

As a proof of concept, we create an Acceleo generator for UML2 Statechart diagram.
This generator has been made as a TopCased work (to be include, I hope, as a built-in TopCased generator).

Here is a nice flash demo:

The source code generated uses Smuc framework, but it will be easy to target any standard technology (like C, Java, ...).
Thanks to Cedric Notot for all his work on this generator and who experiment new strategies for models validation with Acceleo.

Monday, May 14, 2007

EMF on Rhapsody

Have you ever see EMF with Rhapsody ?

Let's see :

Is that you, Ed, with the black tee shirt ?
Very good :)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Acceleo 2.0 : free module for UML2 to Hibernate

For Acceleo v2.0 and launching of Acceleo Modules Farm, Obeo will release with an OpenSource license one of its commercial modules : UML2Hibernate.

I have create this module. It uses UML 2.1 models (class diagram with < < stereotype > >) and generates :

- DAO layer
- Entity objects
- HBM mapping
- SQL tables (3NF)
- JUnit tests
- Hibernate v3 compatible Design Patterns

It manages lots of associations :
- inheritance
- 1-1
- 1-*
- *-*
- recursive associations
- unidirectionnal and bidirectionnal associations
- ...

It will be available before the end of may. I hope you will enjoy it, and you will contribue to improve its features.
Here is the link where this module will be available :

Friday, May 04, 2007

My son, you will be a chief !

Students : stop to think you NEED to be a project chief to be someone !

I see lots of young IT engineers, who just come out from their high schools, and want to manage projects. Oh yeah, Excel, MS Project should be very exciting !

NO ! You can have a very good job and a very good carrier with some technical skills. IT is complex, and architecture is not easy for everybody. It's fun, there are some evolution every day, and companies needs some very good people to understand and create good architectural designs.

IT architecture is one the more interesting job I even see.

Welcome to planet Acceleo

Planet Acceleo is online.
My blog is aggregated inside this planet.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Papyrus 1.6 is released with Acceleo !

Papyrus, one of the best OpenSource UML modeleur on the Eclipse platform has been released.

Papyrus includes a new killer feature : Java code generation from UML models.

And which generative engine does they choose ? Yeah ! Acceleo.

Obeo has joigned Papyrus community to help them to create this Java generator.
Of course, this generator is under EPL license.

Acceleo 2.0RC2 has been used, with some specific integration plugins like this one (for the Run... menu) :

Friday, April 20, 2007

MDE / MDA / MDSD / etc.

OMG has defined the MDA term.

But now, what a jungle !
Let's see some very simple definitions.

- Model Driven Engineering
- definition : all the process of creating softwares with a model driven approach.
- examples : it includes some metamodel based analysis, how to manage teams with MDA,
which steps are required to create a real model based software factory, ...

- Model Driven Architecture
- definition : the technical choice of tool and metamodel for all the creation of a new software
- examples : transformation models engines, separation and links between PIM/CIM/and others

- Model Driven Software Development (also call MDD : Model Driven Development)
- definition : metamodel based tools and process for development step
- examples : source code generation (like Acceleo), PSM model based editor

- Domain Specific Modeling (and DSL : Domain Specific Language)
- definition : metamodel based modelers to design specific and semantical models
- examples : GMF based modelers, Workflow modelers, Wysiwig model based modelers

- Architecture Driven Modernization
- definition : modernize existing software with a metamodel approach
- examples : reverse engineering systems, recasting engine (like Agility)

Of course, let's do a metamodel of theses model driven definitions :

Work on Acceleo 2

Acceleo ( is a very impressive code generator.
I work on it since 2005 (v0.0.1 !!).

Acceleo v1.0 was born in 2006/04/01, with many features and a very good EMF and Eclipse integration.

Acceleo v2.0 will be the major evolution of Acceleo with 2 main features :
- modules generator can be deployed as real plugins
- open source modules farm

Acceleo v2.0 should be release on may 2007.

Blog new born

After an unsuccess try of creating my blog, I think this time will be the good one.
As you see, I decide to speak english.... Or try to speak english !

I will speak about :
- IT Architecture
- Acceleo