Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eclipse Modeling for WTP

If I want to describe cinematic between my webapp, which representation is the easiest to understand :

this one:

or this one :

At Eclipse Summit Europe 2010, I do a talk to explain how Modeling can be useful to design JavaEE based applications:
  • how to create some textual and graphical DSL for each layers of my webapp,
  • how to create Acceleo based code generators for Hibernate, Struts, Spring and others frameworks,
  • how to integrate everything in an Entreprise Architecture with a Togaf based designer.
Some flash demos are available to see the resulted workbench.

And here are my slides:

Sunday, October 31, 2010

My slides about Acceleo / MTL at the Eclipse & OMG symposium

Here are my slides I presented at the 2nd Biannual Symposium on Eclipse Open Source
Software & OMG Open Specifications in Minneapolis

I spoke about our experiences with Acceleo to implement the MOF-to-Text Language specification. At the end of my talk, I explain problems we had about sharing our feedback about specs with the OMG organisation. OMG guys was very interested about this and I hope it will simplify some collaboration beetween Eclipse community and OMG spec writers.

Here is the abstract:
"When OMG tackled the standardization of an M2T syntax with the MOF Model to Text Language specification, commiters decided to rewrite Acceleo from scratch as an official Eclipse Foundation project, changing the syntax to the OMG standard while keeping the exemplary tooling and pragmatism of Acceleo.org.
With Acceleo 3.0 included in Eclipse 3.6, our new goal is to provide the de facto or reference implementation of the standard; however, some parts of the specification are still quite vague and ambiguous and collaboration with OMG isn't smooth. We discuss both the specification and the implementation, and gather overall thoughts on how to provide a long-term and successful communication channel between the Acceleo project and OMG representatives."

Here are the slides: