Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eclipse Demo Camp 2009 in Paris with Acceleo and OD

Next week, November 17th, come in Paris to see Eclipse Community and news of Eclipse projects.
I co-organise this event with Cedric Vidal , a very nice guy with lots of cool ideas on model driven and EMF, and we want to promote talks with live demos and few slides (I hate "slideware talks").
We success

Some very nice talks will be propose on Birt, XText, UI (with XWT and Wazaabi) and a "guess star" with an introduction of Mike Milinkovich (Executive Director of the Eclipse Fondation).

Jonathan Musset will talk about the new features of Eclipse Acceleo project. This demo has been shown at Eclipse Summit Europe and was very impressive by the quality of the template editor which is perhaps the best editor of Eclipse platform, just after JDT.

We will also make some demo of Obeo Designer, our Eclipse Modeling distribution with a new exciting tooling to create GMF designers without any Java code (during our demo, we will create from scratch a new nice designer).

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Acceleo nominated at Eclipse Technology Awards

Acceleo project has been nominated for the Eclipse Award in the category "Best Open Source Eclipse-Based Developer Tool".
I really think Acceleo can win because it proposes some nice Eclipse tooling, but also because it proves a real community of users and contributors with an open development process.

Last year, it was EclEmma which won.