Thursday, August 02, 2012

2012 Annual Report of Eclipse Modeling

Eclipse Juno has been released with plenty of new exciting features.
Of course, the most famous new feature is about the platform which is now based on the Eclipse 4.X main stream.
The New and  Noteworthy for Platform, JDT, PDE and Equinox explains all these new facilities.

For the Modeling project, the Annual Report resumes the main activities for this release:

The increasing popularity of modeling and model-driven development continues to be an important driver for the growth of Eclipse. The modeling ecosystem is active and diverse with commiters from more than 30 different companies. New projects are created with regularity and are inherently integrated by virtue of their reuse of EMF's core APIs.
  • In 2012, modeling extends its community by addressing the need of a broad range of domains.
  • DSLs for programming languages using Xtext's extensible expression language are exploited by Xcore, a textual syntax for EMF's Ecore and by Xtend, an concise JVM-based language. Both support rich textual editors reminiscent of JDT's Java editor.
  • A DSL for business modeling with GMF 3.0 and EEF 1.1 that supports the creation of custom graphical and forms-based editors.
  • Support OMG standards, including Acceleo 3.3 for code generation, OCL 4.0 with more efficient API and tooling, and support for the UML 2.4 and BPMN 2 specifications.
  • Massively scalable deployment with CDO for collaborative and distributed repositories as well as EGF to manage the assembly of software factories.
With the launch of Juno, EMF will be in heart of Eclipse 4.2 SDK's workbench model. This is a great opportunity for end users to discover the various interesting modeling innovations.

If you want to test Eclipse Modeling Juno, the Amalgamation project provides a bundle with the core Modeling plug-ins and a nice UI to discover Modeling tools hosted by Eclipse Foundation.


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