Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Statechart diagram generation

As a proof of concept, we create an Acceleo generator for UML2 Statechart diagram.
This generator has been made as a TopCased work (to be include, I hope, as a built-in TopCased generator).

Here is a nice flash demo:

The source code generated uses Smuc framework, but it will be easy to target any standard technology (like C, Java, ...).
Thanks to Cedric Notot for all his work on this generator and who experiment new strategies for models validation with Acceleo.


Unknown said...

Hi Etienne,

this is rather "statechart diagram generation" ;-)


Anonymous said...

Just to mention that this feature (StateMachineGeneration) is already included in Topcased (experimental feature part)



Etienne Juliot said...

Rafaël : yes, this is for statechart, not for activity. I need to go to vacation again !