Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eclipse SCA 1.0

After one year of work, Eclipse SCA 1.0 is ready.

This is a new project of Eclipse STP (Soa Tool Platform) for assembly of SOA applications.
To understand the goal of SCA standard (Service Component Architecture, available here), the easiest way is to use an example:
you have one GUI component (for exemple, C# based) named "A" and it need to communicate with one business component "B" write EJB and Java and with another external component "C" written in PHP and only accessible with WebService. With SCA, you just need to declare each component, a reference (required interface) on A (declare with C# interface), and two services on B and C.
The SCA server will automaticly translate protocols and API language to ensure everybody can communicate with everybody.
In a nutshell, SCA isn't a new middleware (it rely on existing middlewares or libraries). It's like Spring, but as a specification and for any protocols and languages.

The main feature of Eclipse SCA project is a nice designer. It's used color and shape very similar of official specification and it's based on GMF. I'm one of the commiters team of this project and the leader is Stephane Drapeau.

It will be bundle inside Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4).
You can test it and read this nice tutorial.

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