Friday, June 13, 2008


ATL v2 will be release very soon.
ATL is a model transformation engine based on MDA standard and Eclipse platform.
It can used for:
- interoperability between tools
- translate a model from a notation to another (for example: relational to uml)
- propose "different zooms" on a model (for example: global specification -> detailled specification -> global design -> ...)
- create any kind of bridge (for example: BPMN -> BPEL or BPMN -> SCA)

ATL 2 is provide some new exciting features:
- better completion on model elements
- virtual machin based on EMF
- better performance
- lots of bug fixes
- a clean updatesite
- integration inside Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4)
- and a new commercial support on

See News and Noteworthy for more detail on ATL 2.

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