Wednesday, May 04, 2011

True story of a successful business model based on Eclipse

At EclipseCon 2010, I do an original talk about business model. I was very happy to see so many persons to listen a non-technical talk.
My goal wasn't to explain generalities about FOSS business models (a very good talk was done by Neelan Choksi, the president and COO of Tasktop, and is available at

My goal was to explain our own story, why we continually adapt our commercial offer (service or product), and how we succeed to find a nice way to make money with free software.
Eg: provide for free our code generation tooling, and selling legacy migration solutions!

I also explained how Eclipse Foundation help us to find a way to increase the visibility of our work (and so, to increase the number of leads).


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Great presentation Etienne!

Anonymous said...

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White Sheep said...

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Jake Welson said...

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